Saizul Amin

Windows 365 Cloud PC is offered by Microsoft

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that its Windows operating system will be available as a cloud-based service, making it easier to use corporate software that require Windows from a wider range of devices. The subscription, dubbed Windows 365, will launch on Aug. 2 and will function similarly to purchasing a new Windows PC: A company or […]

Microsoft claims that an Israeli group marketed hacking tools for Windows

Microsoft and technology human rights group Citizen Lab claimed on Thursday that an Israeli group offered a tool to hack into Microsoft Windows, revealing light on the expanding business of identifying and selling methods to breach widely used software. According to a Citizen Lab investigation, the hacking tool vendor Candiru built and distributed a software […]

On Spotify, there are a few podcasts worth listening to

Spotify has expanded beyond music streaming to include podcasts, coming in second place in the podcast battle. Spotify podcasts have amassed a sizable following in just a few years. Podcasts are now more popular than ever, as people’s lives have ground to a halt as a result of the pandemic, forcing them to rely on […]

How to get the most out of LinkedIn for students

Early development of skills and networks provides an advantage in fast-paced workplaces. For better career navigation, most professionals and experts advise students to join LinkedIn early on. LinkedIn provides students with possibilities for networking and mentoring, as well as important knowledge about their areas, resources, and potential career options. Here are some tips for getting […]

TSMC’s founder criticizes plans to ‘on-shore’ chip supply chains at APEC

On Friday, the founder of chip giant TSMC (2330.TW) appeared to criticize both the US and China for attempting to become self-sufficient in semiconductor manufacturing, claiming that this would raise costs and stifle technological progress. Propelled by their trade war and their own security worries, China and the United States have been attempting to manufacture […]

After its first flight, a Chinese spacecraft returns to Earth

In what China described as a major step toward creating reusable space transportation technology, a Chinese spacecraft capable of travelling to the edge of the atmosphere took off and returned to Earth on the same day. According to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), the country’s major space contractor, the spacecraft took off from […]

Taking care of your car during the lockdown

The Daily Star’s Report Bangladesh has been preparing to deal with the worst Covid-19 outbreak in the country’s history, and tight restrictions are in place to prevent people from commuting or even going out unless it is an emergency. As a result, many cars will be hibernating in their separate garages for an unknown period […]

How to find co-founders for your new business

To say the least, starting and running a business on your own can be scary. It’s always beneficial to have some aid to ensure that your business runs well. Having co-founders can assist you in bringing the talents and experience required for the startup to perform efficiently in several areas. However, having co-founders is insufficient. […]

Selected users can get a 3-month Spotify Premium membership from Samsung

Samsung Bangladesh has teamed up with Spotify to launch a new promotion in which consumers can get a 3-month free Spotify Premium subscription. Samsung users who haven’t tried Spotify Premium yet are eligible for the promotion, which allows them to get free Spotify tracks, podcasts, and offline downloads. Users of the A-series, M-series, and S-series […]