Saizul Amin

Rethinking workplace gender equality

My friends and I have been through personally changing events in the last year and a half, in addition to seeing history. To put it another way, we graduated in the midst of the pandemic. “No one ever prepared us for this phase of life,” my friend stated last night, and it stuck with me. […]

Mechanical engineering students’ career paths

Mechanical engineering is the engineering category that combines physics with material for the analysis of issues, development, design, production and investigation of machine failures. Mechanical engineering generates a broad and adaptable awareness of the technical aspects, enabling you to pick between a variety of professional alternatives. Mechanical engineering is available in all governmental engineering colleges […]

How to get the most out of LinkedIn for students

Early development of skills and networks provides an advantage in fast-paced workplaces. For better career navigation, most professionals and experts advise students to join LinkedIn early on. LinkedIn provides students with possibilities for networking and mentoring, as well as important knowledge about their areas, resources, and potential career options. Here are some tips for getting […]

How to build a standout writing portfolio

Young writers, as well as pros, are often hesitant to brag about their work online, even when they should. They try to avoid boasting about their creations for fear of coming across as pompous or blusterous. However, if you view showing your writing development as a demonstration of your abilities and ability, the term ‘brag’ […]

Jobs that demand programming expertise outside of software development

Computer scientists are no longer the only ones who can program. Its growing popularity and power are sweeping into fields where coding was not previously required. People are realizing how much more they can achieve with programming languages, which is fueling an increase in computer science education. Programming courses are being taken by graduates in […]