Saizul Amin

The destiny of e-commerce sites will be decided during a cabinet meeting tomorrow

A ‘Digital Commerce Management Guide’ will be released soon to finalize how e-commerce sites will operate in the future. Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 11 a.m., an inter-ministerial meeting will be conducted under the auspices of Commerce Ministry Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh. The conference will also include representatives from the Ministry of Justice.

Under the new National Digital Commerce Policy enacted in 2020, the Digital Commerce Management Guide-2021 is being produced, taking into account the drawbacks of digital commerce or e-commerce services. The Ministry of Commerce’s central e-commerce division has already developed a draft guideline.

The e-commerce division now has the names and locations of a thousand businesses that might be placed within the guideline’s jurisdiction. The goals and objectives of this guideline are to promote openness and accountability in the administration of digital commerce, to foster new entrepreneurs by creating a competitive market, and to develop digital companies to generate jobs.

If the guideline is followed, digital commerce or e-commerce institutions will be unable to operate in the nation as they presently do.

To sell or promote items and services, no organization may use a lottery or comparable methods.

Customers would also need to be informed about the availability of any goods in accordance with the guidelines.

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