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Samsung joins forces with Google to take on Apple Watch

Samsung joins forces with Google to take on Apple Watch.

While the rate of advancement in phones has slowed recently, the rate of advancement in wearables has the potential to surge. Nothing in the Android environment compares to the Apple Watch in terms of quality and functionality when it comes to wearables. As a result, without a compelling option for Android consumers, Apple is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

Finally, Samsung appears to be prepared to make a real effort to re-enter the wearables market by partnering with Google. On August 11th, Samsung is likely to reveal two new smartwatches: the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, both of which have been reported for quite some time. With this latest release, the wearables rivalry between Samsung, Google, and Apple takes on a new shape, with Google, not Samsung, standing to benefit the most from the success of these watches.

Samsung will be the first to deploy Wear OS 3 smartwatches, despite its purchase of Fitbit and speculations that Google is working on a Pixel watch. They’ll be built on a collaboration between Google and Samsung that was unveiled at Google IO earlier this year.

To put it another way, Samsung is ditching its own Tizen watch OS in favor of giving elements of it to a revived version of Google’s dormant Wear OS. Both firms claim that their devices’ battery life, software experiences, and third-party app support have all improved.

On the other side, creating a smartwatch that is superior to the current Wear OS watch alternatives is embarrassingly trivial. Samsung has been doing it for years with its Tizen watches, which only operate with Samsung cellphones and are limited by a lack of third-party software support.

It’s not just an issue of pushing Wear OS or Tizen to new heights. There are low bars everywhere for Android users. As Wear OS stagnates, companies like OnePlus, RealMe, Oppo, Fitbit, and others have gone to proprietary, streamlined platforms that lack the capabilities you’d expect in a wristwatch today.

As a result, both Samsung and Google are under pressure to provide a pair of smartwatches that are excellent enough to prevent Android customers who want a smartwatch from feeling left out. Samsung’s first Wear OS 3 watches, on the other hand, are unlikely to match the Apple Watch’s ecosystem or integration.

Samsung, like Apple, will very certainly aim to create a whole Android ecosystem of products and services. We don’t yet know how tightly these watches will be bound to Samsung’s ecosystem, but non-Samsung Android users could be turned off.

The BioActive sensor measures your heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen levels, and body composition optically. The watch sensor will gather 2400 data points in around 15 seconds. Sound detection for snoring, blood oxygen, and advanced sleep ratings have all enhanced sleep tracking.

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