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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Haval H9: competing for the Bangladeshi icon

As we all know, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is one of Bangladesh’s most famous and well-known full-size SUVs. In Bangladesh, competing against a car with this lineage is like comparing silver to platinum. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Haval H9: competing for the Bangladeshi icon.

Knowing these circumstances, Haval came out with the H9, a direct challenger to the Prado for half the price, with big hopes and a strong will. The essential questions, on the other hand, are never-ending. Is it a worthy rival to the Prado, or should you put your faith in Toyota?

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Haval H9

We’ll compare the second-generation Haval H9 to the fourth-generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado this week.

How does the Chinese samurai fare against the Japanese aficionado?

In this confrontation, Haval brings a lot to the table. The car, however, is nearly identical to the Prado. It’s almost like playing a game of spot the difference, to be honest. You may easily confuse a H9 for a Prado, yet they both have their own set of characteristics.

On paper, both are full-size SUVs with seven seats, four-wheel drive, and rear differential lock. When you get inside the car, you may see that there are significant variations. Both cars have tri-zone climate control and leather consoles with wood trim, albeit the Haval wood panels, in my opinion, are a touch fancier than the Prado trimmings.

Leather front and back seats, electric front seats in both cars, leather stitched steering wheel, and cup holders in the typical locations to hold your favorite Crimson Cup beverage

Although the Haval has more headroom than the Prado, the Prado’s backbench is more comfortable. However, the Haval cabin is far superior to the Prado’s, owing to the pleasant leather dash and seats. In comparison to the Prado, it has a premium feel to it.

What matters the most

The Prado, which comes with a 2.8L turbo-diesel engine producing 130kW/450 Nm and a six-speed automatic or manual transmission, has a greater displacement than the H9, which has a 2L turbo engine producing 180kW/350 Nm and an eight-speed transmission, which is significantly more than the Prado. However, the bigger displacement smooths out the ride and is useful when handling terrain in low-range gear ratios.

The Haval, on the other hand, is no less capable than the Prado, with a six-terrain mode system that ensures it can handle terrain, dirt, and snow with ease. When it comes to commuting, the Prado features communicative steering and automated braking, which the Haval regretfully lacks, but it does have a good enough cruise control system that makes interstate driving less tiring.

Despite the fact that it lacks a number of technologies, ranging from vital driver assistance to autonomous braking systems, and is half the price of a Prado, complaints are few. Although the Prado’s bigger displacement makes commuting less painful than the H9, the engine fluidity of a Toyota is still significantly superior than the Haval, at least for the time being.

In terms of longevity, the Japanese never disappoint and still have the trust of the ordinary car buyer, but if Chinese manufacturers keep their consistency, things could change for the better. The Prado will remain an untouchable SUV in Bangladesh till then.


To be fair, the Haval H9 does admirably by demonstrating exponential development despite being a lesser-known manufacturer than Toyota. The H9 illustrates that times have changed, and that if you don’t keep up with what’s going on outside of tradition, you’ll find yourself in default mode.

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Saizul Amin

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